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Decision Associates
P.O. Box 687
Erie, PA  16512

Don Moore, Executive Consultant: 814.881.6168
Sue Moore, Business Manager: 814.881.6169
B.J. Lechner, Executive Consultant: 814.602.2228
Aaron Phillips, Executive Consultant: 814.566.7791 (also general services inquiries)
Mike Smiley, Executive Consultant: 814.490.7706
Elizabeth Cipolla, Executive Consultant: 716.490.2889
Ken Jurino, Administrative Assistant: 814.403.5898



“Decision Associates has done a great job for us in the marketing sector of our business. They are very knowledgeable about Amatech and always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Their methodology has been a great asset to us in heling to build long term relationships. They have been almost like an Amatech employee in that they are organized in their thoughts and concerned about the next steps that are needed to be done by us. I would recommend Decision Associates and Emily Wachter, in particular, for future marketing projects.”

~ Jason Amatangelo
Amatech-Polycel, Inc.

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