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composiflex logoWhen Alan Hannibal bought out his partner at Composiflex in 2003, he knew it was time to do some serious business planning. With new products on the drawing table and emerging markets on the horizon, the global supplier of custom, high-performance composite products was poised to grow.

Alan, an engineer with an M.B.A. and a 30-year track record in manufacturing, had a clear vision of where he wanted to lead his company. But managing the day-to-day operations left him little time to see his ideas through. And he was the first to admit operations were not his forté.

Our strategic planning meetings with Alan and his employees all pointed in the same direction – if they were going to achieve the kind of results they were shooting for, they needed to bring an operations manager on board, someone whose unique set of skills would complement the ones they already had.

The timing couldn’t have been better. A talented, senior-level manager we knew was considering a return to the area. Introductions were arranged, Alan was quick to recognize the candidate’s capabilities and achievements, and after spending some time together it was clear that the two were compatible. We helped Alan put together a salary and equity package that set the wheels in motion for a long and productive relationship.

Alan says the circumstances were fortuitous, but you know what they say about luck – luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Decision Associates has served the region long enough to know a good fit when we see one, and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring good people together.

Today, Alan’s company has achieved everything it set out to do in its first strategic plan, and then some. An updated plan sets forth a clear marketing strategy with built-in benchmarks to be evaluated every year. A new marketing manager hit the ground running, and the company is making strides in the industrial equipment, ballistics, armor/security, aerospace, military, medical device and recreational equipment markets.

Now Alan has more time to work on new projects that he knows will take his company into the future.

“When we needed to make a new hire, we contacted Decision Associates. We were very pleased with the process that they used and the attention they gave to our company. Though we didn’t find the ideal candidate for the job, they moved us in a direction that actually made more sense than hiring. They guided us on the right path for the changes and made recommendations that were perfect for our organization. They looked at what the best decision for our company was, even though it wasn’t the first path that we took. We valued the insight, suggestions and the good working relationship that we built. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Decision Associates for recruiting and/or operational improvements.”

~ Steve Henderson, President
Great Lakes Cast Stone, Inc.

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