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Effective organizational design provides a road map for growth.

ISM logoIn 2009, Industrial Sales & Manufacturing, a contract manufacturing firm headquartered in Erie, Pa., asked Decision Associates to help them plan for possible significant growth over the next decade or so. Issues they needed to address included capacity planning, manufacturing capabilities, supply chain management, customer relations, strategic planning, organizational development/design, talent acquisition and talent management.

One of the initial activities was the organizational design element. What does a company like ISM look like at twice our size? Three times? Five times? The first thing we did was examine the current organizational structure. Was it adequate for the current level of business? We also looked at the key positions and, in conjunction with the senior management team, constructed High Performance Models using the Profile XT assessment instrument. This instrument measures a Learning Index comprising Verbal Skill, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability and Numerical Reasoning; a series of Behavioral Traits including energy, manageability, independence, judgment and assertiveness among others; and Occupational Interests. We then assessed each of the current staff members in key roles against these High Performance Models in order to design focused development plans for each.

After the current state was settled, the team of their owners and Decision Associates’ senior consultants constructed scenarios of the future. Tentative structures were developed at each of the growth levels suggested above. Skill sets for the future were identified and plans developed to attract and retain talent that will be needed to achieve growth targets. Organizational Culture Surveys were administered to all the employees to gauge their level of satisfaction with the company and feedback sessions and focus groups were conducted to address some of the concerns. Employee engagement is crucial to separate one’s organization from the competition. ISM is well on the way to enhance productivity and efficiency through the use of tried and true talent acquisition, talent management and employee engagement systems.

According to Charlie Rutkowski at ISM, “We realized that if we wanted to grow, we needed help to ask the right questions and perform a structured approach to put us on a path to where we wanted to go. Decision Associates met our needs and helped us move in the correct direction – growth and prosperity for our Company and all of our Team at ISM.”

Decision Associates also worked with the team of owners to help them develop a Strategic Plan to set the stage for the future. More work needs to be done but the owners have recognized the need to take action now in a proactive sense. They prepare for growth, not react to it. They are well-positioned for the future.

“Decision Associates exceeded our expectations, which were very high to start with, and we were pleased with the result of their work and assistance on our strategic plan. They were the right organization at the right time to help our organization become what we need to be in the next few years. They led us in such a way to allow us to move forward, which is not always easy, and accomplish a lot in a short time. The proof is that the strategic plan has been widely acknowledged as being perfect for us with comments coming not just from within, but from the community as well. We will engage them again when we are ready for an update.”

~ John Oliver, President

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