Is Your Organization Prepared to Take Advantage of this Opportunity?

Aaron Phillips
Posted: Tuesday Jan 16th, 2018

The recent news stories about transition at our local General Electric facility and a staff reduction at Lord Corporation have been troubling. These local employers have long been the backbone of the local manufacturing environment in Erie. However, the times are changing. The future of General Electric Transportation in Erie remains to be seen and we are hopeful that Lord Corporation's setback is temporary.

Trying times at these employers presents an opportunity for other manufacturing companies. The quality of the candidates who have recently been caught up in the reductions is impressive. These individuals have been exposed to strong management training programs and best-in-class practices. Is your organization prepared to take advantage of this opportunity? Have you evaluated your staffing needs? Is there a position that you have considered adding to your staff that you feel will benefit the company? This is the time. There are some extremely talented, highly educated and skilled staff who have lost their jobs or may be willing to leave these once premier employers.

Our recommendation is to take advantage of this opportunity. Evaluate recruiting a high-profile candidate for your company. There is no time like the present.

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"We engaged Decision Associates in our search for Executive Director of Erie Center for Arts and Technology. We could not have had a more professional search for the most critical role in our organization. Everything throughout the process lined up better than we expected. The best part of the engagement with Decision Associates was the homework they used to prepare us for this hire. Decision Associates legitimized the search and we feel this attracted the best candidates for the role."

~ Charles "Boo" Hagerty
Board Chair, ECAT

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