Peer Groups

Human Capital Management

Develop business relationships that last.

Decision Associates has offered Peer Groups for several years and many area business leaders have benefitted from them. By offering three “stages” of groups (to those who are on track to becoming leaders, those who are already in line to take over a business, and those currently in the roles of President or top management), our participants can hold discussions on any topic of concern. The groups are formed with the person and the company in mind, so that there are no competitors, no suppliers, and no reason not to be frank. The sessions are confidential and highly praised by our clients and friends.

As one participant of our LIRT group, Matt Wilson of Deist Industries, has said, “Being part of a peer group at Decision Associates is a unique opportunity for a business owner. Rarely, if ever, do you have the opportunity to talk candidly about your business. This type of setting allows for those opportunities and fosters healthy business development/management discussions and leads to the creation of friendships that extent beyond the peer group setting.” For Matt, the culmination was the day he purchased the company!

John Weber of Smith Provision has been a member of our Owner’s group and has said that the members have been instrumental in assisting with several tough decisions at Smith. In his words, “With a group of professionals handpicked by Decision Associates, contributing the results of their collective business experiences, I feel comfortable knowing that the people were chosen for a reason and are willing to share their lessons; they are in the group because they are knowledgeable, trustworthy and are in a position to give an outside perspective that is both valuable and based on the real world.”

Casey Bowes of Finish Thompson is a “graduate” of the LIRT peer group and contributed many great stories, helpful hints and comments to his colleagues. He commented: “The peer group provided me an opportunity to meet with an assembly of people facing similar personal and business challenges. This type of group would have been challenging to put together without the aid of Decision Associates, whose experienced moderators brought invaluable structure, guidance and thought provocation.”

Whether the topic in a Decision Associates Peer Group is an accounting, marketing or sales questions to solve, each in the group has sage advice for the others. They have been there, done that and are willing to share the steps in resolving the issues. This is real life at work and those who are lonely at the top, or in the middle, can count on their peers to share opinions toward success.

“When we needed to make a new hire, we contacted Decision Associates. We were very pleased with the process that they used and the attention they gave to our company. Though we didn’t find the ideal candidate for the job, they moved us in a direction that actually made more sense than hiring. They guided us on the right path for the changes and made recommendations that were perfect for our organization. They looked at what the best decision for our company was, even though it wasn’t the first path that we took. We valued the insight, suggestions and the good working relationship that we built. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Decision Associates for recruiting and/or operational improvements.”

~ Steve Henderson, President
Great Lakes Cast Stone, Inc.

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