Creating an effective nonprofit marketing strategy.

rouse logoWhen Rouse of Warren, PA, decided to embark on putting together a marketing plan for their nursing home, personal care center, new adult day center and children’s daycare, they turned to Decision Associates marketing consultants for help. Having just completed an updated Strategic Plan with Decision Associates, our team knew the people, the dedication and the quality of care they provide. Not having a background in marketing themselves, Rouse engaged Decision Associates to ensure they were creating the right messages and developing a plan that would most effectively reach their target audiences. They knew their actions needed to be right the first time so they didn’t waste time or money on ineffective marketing activities.

Rouse, like many other nursing care facilities has a significant opportunity to grow in the coming years. Statistics show that the number of Pennsylvania residents age 85 and older is projected to grow by nearly 40 percent by 2030. While this may seem like a lifetime away, today’s messages play a key role in shaping Rouse’s future position in the market place. Many of Rouse’s future clients are currently making long-term care decisions for their parents, which could impact their own future decisions.

To approach this project, our marketing team first performed a market analysis to determine Rouse’s perception and position in the market place. We conducted national research and also gathered local research information on what is most important to individuals when planning for long-term care. By conducting a survey that was carefully crafted for Rouse, our team was able to uncover several facts from Rouse’s loyal customers, non-customers and stakeholders. It revealed key data about what current and future generations are looking for and where Rouse stacked up against the region’s competition.

With this research information in hand, Decision Associates determined the choice of target market segments, positioning, marketing mix and proper allocation of Rouse’s resources.

What immediately resulted were a redo of Rouse’s logo and the development of new literature to better represent the quality of care Rouse provides. Following the creation of the overall marketing plan, Rouse also decided to hire a full-time Marketing Coordinator to execute the plan.

Kris Whitaker, Administrator at the Suites at Rouse said “we enjoyed working with Decision Associates and Emily Wachter. She had great expertise and thought-provoking ideas for Rouse. It was refreshing to work with someone as young as she is and to get new and fresh ideas. Emily laid out our entire program with action steps. We know we have lots of work ahead to do, but we know the steps to take and won’t be floundering. We hope to keep Emily on board with us in the future as we work on our plan.”

Decision Associates continues to partner with Rouse and is actively involved in helping to ensure the plan continues to be executed.

"As a member and graduate of the recent Leadership Peer Group held at Decision Associates, I found the most beneficial outcome, other than the monthly topics, was being connected with others in the same position. I now have a dozen peers to turn to when a question or problem arises in our company. It's great to be able to talk to someone who may have experienced the same situations. I also enjoyed touring other companies with the Peer Group. From this rear opportunity of a behind the scenes look, I was able to take this experience and return to our facility and implement valuable improvements. I would recommend this Peer Group to others in leadership positions."

~ Ryan Betts, VP Human Resources
Betts Industries

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